Bring Your Business Together

Unicorn Box is an application suite which provides a total container for your business solutions. UnicornBox comes with a standard set of modules to handle the collection needs of Collection Agencies, and has been proven in use in Norway over the last 3 years. The wow factor in UnicornBox is its ability to encompass the Customers existing integrations with external systems, business specific modules applications and functionality and integrate them into modules in the Box. This means that you run ALL your business needs from the UnicornBox.

Unicorn Box

Unicorn Payment

The workhorse of Unicorn Box, it facilitates all day to day collection operations. Designed for the grind, but with all necessary features and facilitations, users are able to perform their tasks with efficiency and ease.

Unicorn Workflow

An intelligent business process managing platform to design, test deploy and monitor your business work processes. State and Business Rule Driven, it enables a process manager to monitor and refine workflows with ease.

Unicorn Communication

An versatile messaging platform which provides a flexible template editor which uses Business Rules to create different types of messages to different recipients, over different media out of one template.


Together with the Standard UnicornBox application Suite comes a set of operations packages which enable a Collection agency to greatly enhance its efficiency and effectivity.

This includes Day to day monitoring, checking, reporting and trouble shooting of client systems


The Xfactor in the Box, is business processes specific to Collection Agencies. No two Collection agencies work the same way. Each has their own strategy and methods and functions in handling debt collection. UnicornBox has the adaptability to easily integrate these ”secret formula” into modules into your UnicornBox. This can even be done through other business partners, using the UnicornBox API and SDK. It gives you the ability to Develop and deploy Client specific integrations, and business processes into the Unicorn BOX.

Unicorn Solutions is Product Company encompassing the Credit Management Domain. We provide constancy, expertise and operations to similar and/or integrated projects.