Personalized communication to reach your customer induces a customer to respond positively. With Unicorn Communication as your message creator, you can customize timing, content, and channel based on business data.

Lays the foundation to reach customers
Traditional communication is template based, sending one text to all customers irrespective of age, gender, type of customer. Unicorn Communication, using a rule based template editor and text editor, enables you to customize all parts of communication. It allows you to create varied channels of communication based on data available on the client, e.g. a mobile number to send SMS, and email address to send email.

Preview of the message
The flexibility of Unicorn Communication, allows you to test templates with a preview option, to check maximum limits of text, paging needs etc. This can be done using the debug data input available.

Schedule dependent on the recipient.
If one can identify the most effective time for the recipient to receive the message, Unicorn Communication can be customized to deliver the message at a particular time based on data stored on the recipient or general statistics.


Adapt to any Data Source

Multiple data adapters to easily get data from different data sources.

  • SQL Server Data Adapter
  • XML Data Adapters
  • Oracle Data Adapters
  • Flat File Data Adapters
Adapt to any Data Source

Business Rule Driven Messaging

Differentiate the message content based on the recipient behaviour. Change text, delivery time, and etc based on the recipient base.

Choose between multiple output plugins such as print, pdf, html, email and sms that will best suit the communication.

Business Rule Driven Messaging

Automate, Troubleshoot and Notify

Unicorn Communication is an automated message processing and delivering system. If an un-expected occurrence disturbs the process, the system will handle it, or raise and exception. This exception is notified to the user through the notification channel.

Automate, Troubleshoot and Notify