Unicorn Workflow is a standalone Workflow automation engine. It can be plugged through a data adapter into any existing system, where existing data can be used to make decisions and drive workflows.

Built on top or Microsoft Workflow Foundation, it allows a very user friendly workflow modeling designer. Workflow allows design of long and short running workflows using States and Business Rules, where all business parameters and activities are available for configuration. States and Processes will have definable entry and exit points based on time schedules, user input or Business data. Workflow enables test and debug workflows before deployment. Deploy is simply publishing a file.

Unicorn Workflow


Workflow allows Competitive advantage by easily modifying strategies to suit changing market conditions.
A common strategy is not always effective for every Client. A Business Company can plan new strategies and test for viability. This can be tested in a test environment, or run for a selected market segment. If tests are successful, the strategy can be introduced as a new process. Workflows retain previous versions, so rollback is a click away.

Zero dependencies
Creating a new Workflow or modifying the existing workflows can be done by the end user without developer help, it is similar to creating flow charts in Visio, or such end user tools for designing processes.

Unicorn Workflow Design


The Workflow Console allows users to, monitor if whether workflow instances are running smoothly. It allows user to Find, Trace and Troubleshoot unexpected issues on the fly, in case of deviations. The system allows end users to debug the system running history in detail and find the root causes for the anomalies.

Workflow Console are designed for end user perspectives, i.e . non-technical business users.
Workflow activates Notifications on exceptions through activities or email.

Unicorn Workflow Console